Frequently Asked Questions

Planning conventions, conferences and meetings is the best part of my job. If I use CCI for site selection and contract negotiation, will I have to give up the perks I enjoy from the hotels, including site visits?

You don’t have to give up anything when you work with CCI, except maybe the headaches! When you work with CCI we take care of the busy work that can prevent you from being productive in your day-to-day responsibilities. We research properties that meet your criteria and provide you focused, detailed information on properties that match your needs. We become the point of contact with the hotels, so you don’t have to field phone calls and faxes. You still perform the site inspection, only we make the arrangements and coordinate your itinerary for you. All the best parts of convention, conference and meeting planning are still in your control. CCI does the legwork for you, so you can focus on the details and specifics that make convention, conference and meeting planning an exciting and rewarding part of your job.

How can you do so much work for me and not charge me for it? This sounds too good to be true!

We perform a service that is not only valuable to you, the client, but to the hotels as well. In the very competitive hospitality industry, third-party service providers like CCI are compensated for their business by hotels and resorts.

I am interested in researching many different properties, not just the big chains. Does CCI represent only brand name properties?

CCI is not affiliated with any hotel chains or resort properties. We represent you, our client. With your direction, we will research all properties that meet your requirements and criteria in the destination cities of your choice. In fact, we can be an excellent source for identifying one-of-a-kind, independent properties.

If I use CCI to perform a search, should I also contact hotels?

In order for our relationship to be the most productive, we ask that you allow us to be responsible for all the research performed for your meeting. This not only frees up your time and eliminates duplicate efforts, but it gives us the most leverage when negotiating a contract on your behalf. Having one point of contact is essential to our success in effectively representing you when communicating with properties and negotiating a favorable agreement for you.

I’m so busy, I could really use your help with planning my conventions, conferences or meetings, but we don’t hold any events in Virginia!

No problem. CCI is a Richmond, Virginia-based Company, serving corporations and associations from all over the United States. We perform searches anywhere you would like to hold a convention, conference or meeting.

I’m a convention/conference/meeting planner, why would I use CCI?

Convention/Conference/Meeting Planners make up some of our most satisfied customers. If anyone understands how involved planning a convention, conference or meeting can be, it is an in-house planner. CCI focuses on the time-consuming process of researching properties based on your specifications. You remain in control of the entire process, directing us where to search and providing us essential feedback so we can negotiate a favorable agreement on your behalf. Having these responsibilities well under control allows you to spend your time focused on meeting content, meal planning, guest speakers, activities, recreation and off-site events — all the important details that make your meetings a success.

Will I still collect rewards points for my conventions, conferences and meetings if I work with CCI?

Absolutely! We will always make sure you are recognized for your business. We keep your account numbers on file and make sure the contract is written so that you are rewarded for the business.

I’ve been booking hotels for years. How can CCI get a better deal than I can?

The answer is simple . . . volume and relationships. Because we do hundreds of conventions, conferences and meetings a year, we have established relationships with national account managers representing hotel chains worldwide. We not only have relationships with these contacts, but more importantly, we have a history with them. We are given priority response to our requests and have negotiating leverage due to the promise of future business. CCI takes pride in negotiating an excellent rate on your behalf, and will negotiate the terms and conditions of your contract, ensuring the final agreement is one that protects your needs and interests.

The meetings I plan are for smaller groups of about 20 attendees. I can’t get the attention of the hotels and resorts and have a difficult time in getting a response to my requests. Will CCI represent me even though my group is small?

We are happy to work with you on smaller, more intimate meetings or retreats. When your group requires 10 or more room nights, we are happy to represent you in the site selection and contract negotiations. In fact, we can provide a great value in dealing with hotels when it comes to smaller gatherings. Because of the volume of business we represent, we are able to position your small meeting among a broader base of business. This translates to better response times, and increased negotiating power when requesting a contract.