Client Testimonials

“We host conferences all over the country. The staff at CCI is so easy to work with and make it all happen. Negotiating hotel contracts and managing events is not our area of expertise — it is theirs.”

Jim Taft, Association of State Drinking Water Administrators

The Association of State Drinking Water Administrators is a national association located in Arlington, Virginia just outside of Washington, DC. They represent all 50 states to ensure all their citizens have access to safe and clean drinking water. They host many national conferences that are very important in exchanging information and networking, and CCI has become their go-to firm to help research and plan all these meetings. CCI has taken the time to get to know them as a client and all their needs. It is a very convenient and easy relationship. CCI researches possible conference sites in cities across the country and negotiates the contracts through a competitive bid process, always securing the ideal hotel at the best rate and ensuring they are legally protected in case any problems arise.


Maureen Matsen, Deputy Secretary of Natural Resources and Senior Advisor on Energy, at the Governor's Conference on Energy in Richmond, Virginia.

The Governor's Conference on Energy

CCI was hired by the Virginia Chamber of Commerce for the Governor's Conferences on Energy. These high-profile, three-day events hosted by the Governor was held in Richmond, Virginia and brought together over 900 participants across the Commmonwealth and the nation from sectors that include business and industry, state and local government, educators, facility managers and owners, design agencies, community organizations, transportation, agriculture, and the military. CCI's role included the following key logistical functions/services: convention center and hotel contract negotiation, full conference registration services, speaker coordination, sponsor/exhibitor coordination, conference space and food and beverage arrangements, audio-visual arrangements, and many other logistical tasks necessary to produce a phenomenal conference.


Crowe Dreambuilders, Inc.

"Their conference planning knowledge is second to none."

Marie Clayton-Cox, General Manager, URAssociation
and Crowe Dreambuilders, Inc.

"Our large global corporations have been using Convention Connections, Inc. for over 18 years. CCI is incredible at negotiating fantastic guest room rates and concessions for our city-wide conferences which attract over 4,000 Independent Business Owners. These large conferences are vital to our organizations and we trust CCI to handle all of the details. I consider them an invaluable partner and am consistently amazed at their customer service and knowledge of the hotel side of the business. Their conference planning knowledge is second to none. CCI receives our highest recommendation as meeting planners and a company that consistently takes away the stress of negotiating incredible guest room rates with all hotels."

CCI has been working with Crowe Dreambuilders for 18 years to help produce their large network marketing events. These events are held four times a year and attract over 4,000 people for each event. CCI handles all aspects of these events flawlessly and has become an integral partner within this organization.