3 Great Reasons to Outsource Your Conventions, Conferences, and Meetings

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Convention Connections, Inc. is a full-service convention, conference, and meeting planning company dedicated to assisting our clients in the planning and execution of their conventions, conferences, and meetings. The following is a list of three reasons why our clients have outsourced their meetings to CCI.

1) Concentration on Core Competencies. Outsourcing does not mean you lose control of the responsibilities regarding your conventions, conferences, and meetings. With the use of a knowledgeable partner like CCI, companies can concentrate on the core focus of their business and leave other tasks to specialists in a particular area of expertise.

Partnering with CCI to perform Site Selection and Contract Negotiations means you have a professional conference planner assigned to your program, making sure all details are addressed and no opportunity is left uncovered. The experts at CCI will negotiate a contract that focuses on representing your needs and protecting your interests while addressing the bottom line.

2) Savings. By outsourcing services, your company pays only for the services that are really needed. This is an efficient way to increase productivity. It ensures the company employs only the required number of employees and keeps only the most needed infrastructure while accessing the necessary skill sets needed to accomplish a goal.

Working with CCI allows you to use only those services that meet your needs. There is no contract to engage our services if you need Site Selection and Contract Negotiation Services. With only a phone call or an email, we can go to work on your behalf finding a great venue for your next convention, conference, or meeting. If you are interested in hiring CCI for a full-service engagement, we can provide you with a cost-effective proposal.

3) Continuity and Risk Management. Your conferences and meetings are investments in your employees, clients, and your future. Having a consistent hand in the process will maintain the integrity of the program and save you money.

Working with the professionals at CCI means you have respected professionals in the industry representing your organization. We maintain a detailed history of your programs which we use in our negotiations and in analysis of the program. With over 17 years of experience in the industry, we are always there for our clients.

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